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efdm13 - Double Vision
Author: Mr Fribbles  
Name:  efdm13
Gametype:  Deathmatch
Players:  1on1, 2on2, FFA 8
Lit:  Upload lit
Locs:  Upload locs
Views:  153
Downloads:  21
Rate Map: 
Nice medium/large Single player: no Cooperative: no Deathmatch: 3-8 FFA, that's what its for 2on2, plenty of room/resources 1on1, decent as long as you don't expect to be able to fully control the map Description: This map has been a long time coming, not because its particularly good, but because of the circumstances surrounding its development and release. Originally this map was intended to be released as a double header along with Headshot's brilliant 'Dead Bodies Everywhere' (which was released when, late 98?). Obviously I didn't end up finishing it in time though. Its origins explain both the name and the general style & texturing. Fast forward to may 2000, when for some reason I decided to dig out the half-finished DV map and finish it off. I ditched the crap bits and kept the good stuff (meaning 75% of it was deleted), and then slapped down the rest of the map. Despite the fact that it was 95% completed though, it didn't get polished off and released... I was planning to release this map with a few other people in another joint release kind of deal, however this time around, the other parties involved were unfortunately unable to finish their contributions, due to work commitments. Eventually I found the time to sit down and finish the map, so here it is, more than two years after the first brush was created. Extensive item placement tweaking with ZzJohnzZ helped a lot, and I've been able to playtest this map a fair bit more than most others, so I know its quite a solid, fun map. I hope someone out there enjoys it.

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Gallery: 580x435, 1024x768