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efdm10 - White Chocolate Space Egg
Author: Mr Fribbles  
Name:  efdm10
Gametype:  Deathmatch
Players:  1on1, FFA 8
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Views:  195
Downloads:  30
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Nice small ffa Single player: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find the fish button. If you haven't found it, you're not looking hard enough :) Cooperative: Ask your mates to help you look, or to help interpret the Delphic utterances coming from the fish oracle. There's no coop starts though! Deathmatch: 2-8 players... 8 DM starts Description: Efdm10 is like an open air temple or something, the predominant colour is white (duh :). I pinched most of the textures from Hexen2. I think I've mixed some Celtic and Roman stuff together, I hope that's not some kind of unforgivable sin, but it all works together nicely. Whilst there's obviously a fair bit of white in the colour scheme, it's not too monotonous... because those lovely Hexen2 textures seem to have a lot of blue and purple in them too. Throw in the green grass, blue water and cheery blue sky, and you've got (in my opinion) a quite aesthetically pleasing map. Recommended player load is 3-4 with dm1 rules, or 3-8 with dm3 rules. It's pretty much made for FFA only though, I doubt if 1on1 would be much good on this map. Probably too slow and indecisive for my liking.. who knows though, give it a go, especially if you like the cat-&-mouse stuff.

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Gallery: 580x435, 1024x768