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e1m2ish - E1M2-ish
Author: Aardappel  
Name:  e1m2ish
Gametype:  Deathmatch
Players:  FFA 8
Lit:  Upload lit
Locs:  5 kb Cart
Views:  158
Downloads:  16
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Nice e1m2 version Single Player : well there are no monsters :) Cooperative : eh? Deathmatch : about 9 respawns Description: This is the last map in my ish series, promise! all maps after this are going to be, um, "original" and stuff. The map has same items and almost the same connectivity as e1m2, except it is "optimised" a bit, i.e. many routes are shorter, smaller areas and easier to navigate (with the exception of the central "below quad" area which is made bigger). Also the start & end areas are smaller and connected together. The teleport at HH has been replaced by a push_trigger. All textures, architecture, and of course lighting are completely different from the original. The map plays smoothly, and should just be compact enough for a duel, but I feel the map plays at its best when its packed, i.e. a 4 to 8 FFA or a 2on2/3on3/4on4. This maps is most fun if you allow yourself to fight a lot with SSG & SNG and not rely on the RL as much, i.e. take out other people fighting, and go on mad quad-SNG rampages. r_speeds are very low, below 450 everywhere, and in most areas its 100 to 300.

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Gallery: 580x435, 1024x768