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deathbed - The Bed of Death
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Name:  deathbed
Gametype:  Unknown
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Views:  33
Downloads:  2
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LG: 0
6 cells: 0 12 cells: 0, total 0 cells on map.
RL: 1 GL: 0
5 rockets: 1 10 rockets: 7, total 75 rockets on map.
SNG: 1 NG: 1
50 nails: 1 25 nails: 1, total 275 nails on map.
SSG: 2
40 shells: 3 20 shells: 1, total 140 shells on map.

Quad: 1 Pent: 1 Ring: 0 Bio: 0

Title : The Bed of Death
Filename : deathbed.zip (deathbed.bsp, deathbed.txt)
Date of Release : March 9, 1997
Author : Myles Doupe
Nick : DarkSky
Email Addresses : doupe@cnnet.com
Description : A small deathmatch level meant mostly for
modem play.
Problems : None so far.. Tested with VQuake 1.06B12,
VQuake 1.07B5 and WinQuake 0.992 on NT/95
(interesting that I didn't actually get
around to testing what I'm sure 50% of you
are using :)
Shout-Outs : Atticus for listening to me jabber on about
Quake almost 24 hours/day. What? No. :)
OrcLord for playing although most of the
time I kick your butt (I'll get even with
you for that 5-3 loss someday. :)

* Play Information *
Game : Quake (possibly the best game on earth)
Single Player : no
Cooperative 2-4 Player : naww..
Deathmatch 2-16 Player : yup, although meant for 2-4 people
Difficulty Settings : nu-uh.
New Textures : nope.
Exit : nada.

* Construction *

Editor(s) used : WorldCraft
Construction Time : 3 days (about 10 hours) plus
Jugs of Kool-Aid : 4


Well, this is my first level, and, as can be expected, it's
terrible. The lighting's not bad, but the level is too small,
and the secrets are too hard to find...


... so I'll give you some blatant hints.

1. Go underneath the platform in the room with the water.
There's a hole underneath leading to a small crevice with armor
(like E2M1). BTW, that grate in the floor was my own concoction,
and I think it's pretty much the highlight of the level.

2. There's one right at the top of one of the 3 staircases,
shootable wall. 'Nuff said.

3. Try jumping off the lava bridge and heading straight to either
side. Trust me.

4. There's a shootable wall almost directly underneath a
walltorch near some stairs. BTW, If you do find it, you can also
find another door at the other end, keep going.

Other Info:

Yes, you can use the grate. I think it's a cool Idea. If You're
really lazy, mail me and I'll send you a .map

I'm also planning on opening up The QCML shortly (as soon as
the web server gives me CGI access)(two weeks. :)