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brekfast - Breakfast
Author: Wendigo  
Name:  brekfast
Gametype:  Deathmatch
Players:  FFA 8
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Views:  35
Downloads:  5
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LG: 0
6 cells: 0 12 cells: 0, total 0 cells on map.
RL: 0 GL: 0
5 rockets: 0 10 rockets: 0, total 0 rockets on map.
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50 nails: 0 25 nails: 0, total 0 nails on map.
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Title : A Wholesome Breakfast
Filename : brekfast.bsp
Release Date : July 19th, 1997

Author : Brian Hess a.k.a. Wendigo
URL : http://www.widomaker.com/~bhess
Email Addresses : wendigo@virginia.edu

Description : ***********************************
*** SET SV_GRAVITY TO 50 ***
*** R_MAXEDGES TO 10000 ***
*** AND R_MAXSURFS TO 10000 ***
One of my more moronic creations, this
deathmatch map is set in a small kitchen.
The players are ant size.

It all started out as an innocent IRC
conversation about Ramen, which led me to
get out the digitial camera, which in turn
allowed me to notice what a cool quake
texture it would make if I made it tessalate.
So of COURSE I had to make a map to show it
off and since I was still on spring break
and I had a little bit of extra time so
before I knew it, it turned into the behemoth
you now possess on your hard drive.

Additional Credits to : Indub for the GL shots, dEviL for the
dumbass idea to add a guy to the map that
made the final vis take almost 24 hours.

* Play Information *

Single Player : No
Cooperative : No
Deathmatch : YES (with sv_gravity at 50)
Difficulty Settings : No
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : All new textures (of course)
New Music : No
Demos Replaced : None

* Construction *

Base : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used : Worldcraft v1.1a to make the .map
Wad2Tool v1.0 for adding textures
MipDip v1.5 for .wad maintenance
Known Bugs : Lighting is pretty shitty at this point.
Build Time : About 8 hours

Texture Wad used : wendigo.wad
(I made all of the textures in this level myself.)

Compile machine : P133/64mb
QBSP256C Time : 1 minute, 15 seconds (0:01:15)
Light (-extra) Time : 2 minutes, 53 seconds (0:02:53)
VIS (-level 4) Time : 23 hours, 11 minutes, 1 second (23:11:01)

* Where to get this level *

http://www.widomaker.com/~bhess or find me on IRC (EFNet) as wendigo.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Copyright (c) 1997 Brian Hess. All rights reserved.
This level may be electronically distributed only
at no charge to the recipient, and may not be
modified in any way. This text file must be included
with the level.

This level may not be distributed on any CD-ROM
without prior, explicit consent from Brian Hess.

This level may not be used on a commercial
Multi-player server without similar explicit consent.