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break014 - break014 v1.0
Author: Mikko Nieminen  
Name:  break014
Gametype:  Deathmatch
Players:  FFA 8, FFA 16
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Views:  52
Downloads:  8
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Download ( 821 kb )   Add to cart  Readme  Comment ( 0 )
LG: 1
6 cells: 0 12 cells: 4, total 48 cells on map.
RL: 0 GL: 2
5 rockets: 8 10 rockets: 1, total 50 rockets on map.
SNG: 1 NG: 1
50 nails: 5 25 nails: 5, total 325 nails on map.
SSG: 3
40 shells: 0 20 shells: 6, total 120 shells on map.

Quad: 1 Pent: 1 Ring: 0 Bio: 0

Title : Break014 v1.0
Filename : break014.bsp

Author : Mikko Nieminen
Email Address : mikkon@sci.fi
WWW : http://www.sci.fi/~mikkon/ (no Quake stuff
there, sorry)

Description : Another deathmatch level. (Well DUH! =))
This time I decided to use the crappy
base-textures for making a kind of
Lots of weapons & other items, one train &
couple of wind tunnels bla bla bla..
Remember to set the falling damage to a high
value, There's no point in building a big
elevator shaft if you can just jump at the
bottom and lose 5% health.
Enjoy :P

Additional Credits to : id Software for Quake
authors of Quest (R.I.P.)

* Play Information *

Level Name : Break014 v1.0
Single Player : no
Cooperative 2-16 Player : no
Deathmatch 1-16 Player : yes
Deathmatch Starts : 11

Difficulty Settings : no
Anything else new : read it from www.bluesnews.com =)

Other Info : I'd really like to hear some comments,
positive or negative. I've given you my email
address, now go ahead and use it!

* Construction *

Base : scratch
Build Time : a couple of weeks of not-so-hard working
Finished : SAT 12.04.97

Qbsp-time : 2min 35s
Light-time (-extra) : 269s
Vis-time (-level 4) : 854s
On P112.5 / win95 / 40mb ram

Editor(s) used : Quest 1.1, TSE
Known Bugs : weird gfx bug occurs sometimes in the switchable
lights -room.. If you know how what causes this let me
Almost forgot - A few textures might not be aligned
that well.. I have a life too you know =)

* Legal Stuff *

You may distribute this level and include it in any deathmatch compilation
etc., as long as you include this text file, give me credit and ASK MY
PERMISSION. The .map may NOT be modified, sold, distributed etc.

* Where to get this and other BSPs made by me*