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brc1 - Extreme Measures - 97
Author: Endo{BRC}  
Name:  brc1
Gametype:  Deathmatch
Players:  FFA 8
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Views:  32
Downloads:  6
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LG: 0
6 cells: 0 12 cells: 0, total 0 cells on map.
RL: 0 GL: 0
5 rockets: 0 10 rockets: 0, total 0 rockets on map.
SNG: 0 NG: 0
50 nails: 0 25 nails: 0, total 0 nails on map.
SSG: 0
40 shells: 0 20 shells: 0, total 0 shells on map.

Quad: 0 Pent: 0 Ring: 0 Bio: 0

Title : Extreme Measures
Filename : BRC1.BSP
Author : Endo{BRC}
Email Address : endo@lightcom.net
Description : Deathmatch

Additional Credits to : Blackroot Clan, prefab authors from
The Forge, Sombrfire.
* Play Information *

Single Player : No
Cooperative : No
Deathmatch : Yes
Capture the Flag : No
Difficulty Settings : No
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : Yes (see Markswad.wad and 3wctf, some custom)
New Music : No
Demos Replaced : None

* Construction *

Base : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used : Worldcraft v1.2
Known Bugs : None
Build Time : 12 hours
Light : 383 secs
Vis : 8009 secs
System : Cyrix 6x86-166 48M RAM

* Other Info *

I want to thank all of you that hang out in #worldcraft Undernet. Without you all,
I wouldn't be typing this. Thanks also to the Blackroot Clan for being such good
sports and being ready for matches on the fly. (USWest, in my opinion, needs to pull it out, though.)

Jets for the great eggdrop for our home channel on undernet #Clan_BRC.
Mike Oneill for the new Quake logo tattoo on my Calf...heh...(I've got to get a life.)


DM3... enough said. I love that level and play it constantly. I wanted to creat a level
similar in look but with my own flavor. I think I got that done.
The base guarding strategy is a bit more broad now with this map and there isn't alot of distance to run around before powerups. I hope you like it.

For Extreme{BRC} hugs and kisses bro...