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battlef - Battle Field
Author: Adam Boyle/ravenlox  
Name:  battlef
Gametype:  Deathmatch
Players:  FFA 8
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Views:  42
Downloads:  9
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A DM battle field with 2 buildings

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LG: 0
6 cells: 0 12 cells: 0, total 0 cells on map.
RL: 0 GL: 0
5 rockets: 0 10 rockets: 0, total 0 rockets on map.
SNG: 0 NG: 0
50 nails: 0 25 nails: 0, total 0 nails on map.
SSG: 0
40 shells: 0 20 shells: 0, total 0 shells on map.

Quad: 0 Pent: 0 Ring: 0 Bio: 0


Title : Battle Field
File Name : BattleF.bsp
Author : Adam Boyle
Email Address : ravenlox@hotmail.com
Description : A DM battle field with 2 buildings
Other Works : Defenestrator's DM 1

Enjoy and please send me feedback!


* Play Information

Single Player : no
Cooperative : no
Deathmatch : yes
Difficulty Settings : no
New Sounds : no
New Graphics : no
Demos Replaced : no
Source Included : yes

* Construction *

Base : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used : Qoole V2.50
Known Bugs : In a certain spot under the bridge, you can get
stuck briefly. E-mail me with others.
Build Time : about 3-4 days on & off

Number of Brushes : 294
Number of Entities : 193
Number of Models : 16

Texture WAD Used : quake.wad

Compiling Machine : Pentium 233 w\ 32M of RAM
QBSP Time : 24 sec.
LIGHT Time : 36 sec.
VIS -level 4 Time : 317 sec.

Short Description:
It's just a DM battle field with 2 buildings. All the weapons are
in it. There are about 14-15 DM start positions placed around the level.
There is a worthless secret underwater. There is a way to get on the roof
of the bigger building (if you can't get it, e-mail me). There is a Ring
of Shadows and a Quad-damage. That's about it.

Copyright and Distribution Permissions
You may freely distribute this ZIP as long as this TXT file is not altered
in any way and is also left in the ZIP.

You MAY use this level as a base for additional levels as long as you give me
credit for the original.

All Quake(TM) textures and models are property of Id Software.

Other Info
Get Qoole at http://www.qoole.com
It's cool

Special Thanx to:
Id Software, for this cool game
Lithium Software, for this great editor