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addqk2a - Addictive Quake Deathmatch, part II, version a
Author: Fingers  
Name:  addqk2a
Gametype:  Deathmatch
Players:  FFA 8, FFA 16
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Views:  34
Downloads:  11
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LG: 0
6 cells: 0 12 cells: 0, total 0 cells on map.
RL: 0 GL: 0
5 rockets: 0 10 rockets: 0, total 0 rockets on map.
SNG: 0 NG: 0
50 nails: 0 25 nails: 0, total 0 nails on map.
SSG: 0
40 shells: 0 20 shells: 0, total 0 shells on map.

Quad: 0 Pent: 0 Ring: 0 Bio: 0

Title : Addictive Quake Deathmatch, part II, version a
Date : 2/12/97
Filename : addqk2a.bsp
Author : Iikka "Fingers" Ker„nen
("„" is an "a-with-two-dots"... In DOS, that is.)
Email Address : ikeranen@raita.oulu.fi
Home Page : www.student.oulu.fi/~ikeranen (visit there!)
Snail Mail Address : Iikka ker„nen
(send me your money!-) Kiiskitie 4
FIN-93400 Taivalkoski
Description : Quake deathmatch level, based on the second
level of my Doom2 DM-level series called
Addictiv. The level is of medium size, small
enough for 4 players, big enough for 8. 16 can
get very fraggy. :) (Tried with Reaperbots)

The level has the same feeling as Addqk1a...
Same textures and so on. It has an "exit" too.
Its structures are very complex so it's not
recommended to try it on a 486. You can get
the rocket launcher easier than it looks. And
yes, Reaperbots can get it too. (just seen it)

If you have Doom2, download Addictiv.zip from
somewhere; It's truly worth of it. My goal in
making Addictiv for Doom2 was to make the best
looking wad ever, and it was pretty successful.
Guess what's my goal with this Quake level

Additional Credits to : ID and who ever created Quest


Get rid of gray flash by typing into console:
r_maxedges 3000
r_maxsurfs 2000
This seems to not work immediately. You may need to restart the level or
walk around for a few minutes. I suggest setting these before starting. Or
add these lines to your config.cfg. (r_maxedges "3000" etc)


* Play Information *

Single Player : Yes, just for looking around...
Cooperative : No
Deathmatch : YES! Tested with every number of players.
There's 16 DM starts, but I don't really
suggest having so many. I designed this to
give some action even with just 4 players...
Difficulty Settings : No
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
New Music : No
Demos Replaced : None

* Construction *

Base : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used : Quest 1.1 (+usual qbsp etc)
Known Bugs : That stupid gray stuff. I'd like a possibility to
add the r_maxsurfs and r_maxedges IN THE MAP FILE
so that Quake would automatically remove the gray
flash... Perhaps it's time to do some QuakeC...
Build Time : About 25 hours. (well, add 20h for VISing
several times)

Texture Wad used : Medieval

Compile machine : P150 with 16M (DOS)
QBSP Time : 351 secs (was over 400 before... Removed the
anti-leak box around the level)
Light Time (extra) : 300 secs (this too)
VIS Time (level 4) : over 15000 secs (hours...)
Brushes : 446
Entities : 151
Models : 16

* Other Info *

If you want to see what kind of levels I'm going to do after completing
this one, download Addictive DM series for Doom2. It's available on my
home page and ftp.cdrom.com. The AddQk levels will not be identical,
just see the difference between this level and the map02 in Addictiv.wad.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Don't do anything you would regret afterwards. :)

CD-ROM publishers will need my permission before they can include this
level on their products.

Actura Software MAY NOT do anything with these files.

If you want to do something special, like combine this level to a weapon
patch or modify it for CTF, contact me at the address above.